Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jake Cuenca in MMFF 2011 - New Movie

Jake Cuenca will be featured in one of the best films probably ever that he will be making for the upcoming Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2011. He will be surprising all of us regarding this new movie that he will take part in and this new film will be joining the run to support all Pinoy / Filipino films and the industry. Watch out for this new movie soon come December 25, 2011, the day of the showing of the MMFF 2011 movie entries.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Jake Cuenca plays gay son in MMK episode with Ricky Davao and Vivian Velez

Another milestone for the idol actor, Jake Cuenca as he portrays the role of a gay son living in Spain. This time, Jake nailed it just like his other stints in MMK episodes with Angle Locsin. The actor proved to be one of the best in his generation after pulling it out with veteran great award-winning actor, Ricky Davao and sexy veteran actress Vivian Velez as his separated parents living and working in Spain.

Jake showed once again that he can give any character a justification by portraying in them in an acting stint just like what he did in Maalaala  Mo Kaya episode hosted by Ms. Charo Santos-Concio. It was good to see my idol prove to the Pinoys that he can really act on whatever character is given to him. Congratulations for proving once again what kind and quality to Philippine television, movies and cinema you can give, Jake. Mabuhay ka!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Jake Cuenca and Lovi Poe new movie

Yes, that is right, Jake Cuenca and Lovi Poe will soon have a new movie and it is still ongoing with the shoot. Expect both to develop something more than just what you know. Jake is a good actor and Lovi is also a nice actress.

The title of the new movie according to an online search is My Neighbor's Wife. Carla Abellana and Dennis Trillo is also part of this new movie. To get updates to the latest about Jake, please do subscribe to our feeds using our feed subscription in the sidebar.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jake Cuenca Facebook Account

Celebrities do also have their respective Facebook accounts and Jake Cuenca is one of those who also had one. If you are a fan and would like to befriend the actor, you can try to search using Facebook search box, Jake Cuenca Facebook account so that you may be able to get updates about his latest buzz and rumors and movies, commercials, appearances, concert events, guestings and more.

Twitter accounts are also a must for many actors and actresses in the Philippines today. If you want to find Jake's Twitter account and follow his tweets and microblogging, just go look for other celebrity actors and actress Twitter accounts and follow them one by one. Somewhere along the way I'm pretty sure that you will find Jake's true and real account. You may also use Google search to go find it by typing in the search box, JakeCuenca Twitter. Good luck!

Jake Admits having fight with Jason Abalos in Davao

It was in an interview with Jake Cuenca that he admitted having a fight with another Kapamilya Network star, Jason Abalos. The hunk actor admitted that it was indeed a fight involving Melissa Ricks and according to rumors, Coco Martin was the one who tried to go in the middle of the two actors. In Jake's interview with The Buzz host, Boy Abunda, he said that all that was over and the trouble was already cleared out.

He and Jason is now ok and that he was apologizing for the incident because the trouble was long ago rekindled. Jason was ok also for the fact that the two had already talked about the misunderstanding. Jake apologized if he cannot disclose the details to Boy Abunda because he said he does not want other names to get involved with the trouble that was caused by the fight with Jason Abalos regarding Melissa Ricks.

In the interview, Jake also admitted that he and Melissa were dating for 1 year and 9 months now and that they are going steady with their relationship and happy with whatever they have right now. Jake's mom was also interviewed and she expressed her gratitude with Jake's keeping his promise to help the family.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jake Cuenca in Villa Estrella - A First Horror Movie for Jake

Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe so myself that Villa Estrella Horror Movie is the first ever horror movie for Jake Cuenca. This is a good sign that he will soon star in many more movies as wel all came to know this hunk guy only in the well known and popular teleserye he had been in to.

Now that he is in to a movie, I know that a lot of his fans as well as his critics will be on the watch for Villa Estrella movie because this is where they will know the difference between Jake in a movie from a teleserye. Of course there is a big difference between the two but the thing is that this is where a bigger expectation is in the air as this will determine the true versatility of Jake Cuenca as an actor in a movie more than in a teleserye.

Jake Cuenca and Cristine Reyes in Precious Hearts Romances Bud Brothers Series

I was late, the Bud Brothers series in Precious Hearts Romances was through and this week, there is another set of episodes to come for this afternoon romance treat by ABS-CBN. In the series however where Jake Cuenca played Vince and Cristine played Georgie, both were seen to have something different in their love team. They seem to really blend so well with each other and the "kilig factor" was there.

Me, my wife and my daughter never missed an episode of their love quarrels and lovely romantic scenes with a little comic on the sides. I love that scene where the dog was seen by Cristine Reyes carrying in his mouth the last panty she allegedly have left and Jake offered her to lend his bikini briefs instead. I must admit that I almost laughed my head out on that episode.

This Precious Hearts Romances Bud Brothers series is titled, Stupid Cupid.

Jake Cuenca in Pinoy Bingo Night

Jake Cuenca guested in Pinoy Bingo Night hosted by Kris Aquino but this time, he is not so lucky to get the Million bucks unlike in the last few episodes of Kapamily Deal or No Deal where he and Tayong Dalawa co-star Gerald Anderson won the 2 million bucks.

All of his fans were excited when they learned that it will Jake Cuenca who will play that night but it seems that not all nights were made for the hunk actor after all. Anyway, even if he is not so lucky to play in the new Show hosted by Ms. Kris Aquino, still, Jake had played very well to the last minute and we all can see that he enjoyed the game. Good luck and more power to Jake Cuenca.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kapamilya Chat (KChat) Features Jake Cuenca

KChat or Kapamilya Chat bids goodbye to the summer season and says hello to the rainy season. This time, this popular chat session with your favorite celebrity offers a big difference with their new lineup of celebrity features as they turn your rainy cold days into hot chat with your favorite cool guys, hot hunks, and dashing male idols in their lineup of people you can soon talk with.

Say hellow too with the new list featuring some of ABS-CBN’s hottest actors like Jake Cuenca who will be on the line on June 11, 2009. Wathcout for that as you now know who will be there when June lineup tries to make your cold rainy days into hot rainy season.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jake Endorses New Drink with Angelica

That's right, Jake Cuenca will be endorsing a new alcoholic beverage with Ms. Angelica Panganiban in his upcoming tv commercial. This is what I read today at the Inquirer.Net.

It came with a video but I cannot embed it here for reasons that it is not allowed.

Although this is the case of their new ad, both Jake Cuenca and Angelica Panganiban tells that it is of our own thinking to always be responsible for our drinking spree.

I guess this means that even if they are endorsing a product, this will have to always be accompanied with a warning to drink responsibly. - Tnomeralc Web Design Toys